New Zealand's Strategy for Dealing with the Disabled

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TITLE: The impact of disability is unique for each individual, and the NZDS New Zealand Disability Strategy is a collective response to minimise this:


This essay will discuss aspects of how people with disabilities are affected and how a disability impacts on a person as an individual, and how the uniqueness of a disability can make an individual feel excluded from participating in activities, if any limitations are apparent of performing the same activities other people. In New Zealand, the (NZDS) New Zealand Disability Strategy is one of our government strategies, to enable individuals to receive support and guidance through set objectives and codes such as the Human Rights Act 1993. With the use of four strategies from the (NZDS), the aim is to discuss and structure an argument toward the following, Objective 14: Assist disabled women to improve their lives and be part of their communities, Objective 6: Make sure that government organisations, and organisations that get money from the government, know about and respond to disabled people. Objective 10: Collect information about disabled people to help with planning and understanding what disabled people want and need. Objective 8: Support disabled people to have a good life in the community and to have the opportunity to live in their own home.

The theme is to communicate how the objectives stated in the introduction relate to the opening title, which models of care are appropriate to argue why these particular objectives are useful to individuals with disabilities. These include the (ICF) International Classification of Functioning – disability and health, covering concepts and discussing how the Medical, Social models of disability can intervene. The (HRA) ...

... middle of paper ... people through the legislations of government agencies. Strategies such as the (NZDS), and objectives, of which two were covered in my essay, Objective 6, 8,10,14, (ICF) Medical and Social Models of care, used to promote the Human Rights of both Barbara and Michael, ensuring that people with disabilities have the same opportunity and equal rights as others.

In conclusion, I have formed a greater respect for people with a disability, a wider appreciation for the agencies and groups that concentrate on enabling a person to achieve and fulfil their dreams, aspirations leading them towards a more informed future. My stance is towards equality, preservation of oneself while maintaining a happy ethical existence, no matter what culture, religion, age, sex, or physical ability you may possess, it is possible for a unique individual to have a fulfilling life.

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