New Zealand And New Australia

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New Zealand used to have free from corruption stable democratic political system which creates a superior government supported environment for a range kind of business. (Pears Trust, 2012) It welcomes new investors and helps New Zealand businesses smoothly operate, grow, plan for the future and be flexible in local and international market. Nevertheless, government still has intervention which positively or negatively influencing on New Zealand business. From the latest news there is ongoing discussion in Treasury of New Zealand about to set up a new rule for the Auckland’s mortgage market by new loan-to-income scheme asking a minimum 30 percent of down payment due to purchasing property (Nichols, 2015). First of all it will scare away investors from off shore. Also New Zealand’s real business fill face downturn from negative effect of new restrictions as well as local banks is about to face loss of customers. However, in long term new policy will help to turn Auckland’s heated housing prices into positive way.
B. Economical.
New Zealand has a developed economy focused on export and import of goods and services based on market openness and free trade with strong protection of property and intellectual property rights. New Zealand is a member of WTO and APEC. Additionally, country currently ranked as a 3rd among entire world with the finest and freest economic environment according to the index score 82.1 out of 100 for the 2015. (The Heritage Foundation, 2015) What’s, more indicators such as unemployment rate of New Zealand is 5.4. Moreover, inflation rate is just 1.2 percent then country ranked 8th out of 120 according to GDP per capita around the world (New Zealand Government, 2015). So all these positive factors together lead...

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...t coast on the south island will be most affected by El Nino already suffering from the dryness for twelve months which can cause a loss of harvest and business itself. Valuable commercial sorts of fish usually dwelling in cold water will migrate from shores so New Zealand’s fishing industry is about to experience difficulties. More dryness and stronger wind on south island generated from El Nino phenomenon could lead to enormous wildfire and destroy huge amount of valuable sorts of wood and plants which can cause lots of troubles for local forestry industry. On the other hand El Nino weather patterns could have a very positive effect on businesses operating in tourism industry in New Zealand. Big waves, dry and warm weather with plenty of sunny days will bring larger amount of tourists this coming summer where all tourist agencies will benefit from it. (Trask, 2015)

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