New Year Resolutions

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This year’s New Year’s resolutions, started earlier in December 2013 is the year that spun out of control. With an elderly, mother whose dementia rose above sanity, old friends who never made it through the year and the ghosts of those who never walked out of 1969. All this brought me to search out the prospect of going back to school, something I always wanted to do. My prerequisite for college started with money, or rather the lack of, and the need for an online college. Feet up surfing the net, while the television blared, the remote pointed at the television like a weapon running through the roster of channels, trying to decide on horror, or dogs, cats, car chases, explosions, bra commercials mixers, anime, or the history channel, all those channels and nothing on. It is a good thing that my TV remote isn’t solar powered. While glancing up and away from my laptop, half-listening to the television and eighty-five percent to my laptop, add in distraction of one-hundred percent, and not paying attention to either one. - Math has never been my friend- You can call me- a multi...
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