New Technology: The Pros And Cons Of Designer Babies

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As the years continue to pass by, technology itself and its different uses advance as well. The new technology that continues being debated is “designer babies.” This type of technology involves scientists and several modifications in order for one to “ensure specific intellectual and cosmetic characteristics” in a person 's child (“Designer Babies”). When using this technology scientist will be capable of “manipulating the [entire] human genome”, affecting the appearance of future offsprings” (“Manipulating the Human Genome”). Studies show that 50% of these modifications work, leaving the other 50% as experimental results. Several risks come with this new technology, which is why ““72% [of Americans] disapprove of the procedure” (Designer…show more content…
Risks with negative and irreversible results may occur during the process of designing one 's child. For example, conducting the process uncarefully may result in the termination of the embryo (“ The Pros and Cons of Designer Babies”). Parents take the risks of causing the death of their child for simple characteristics that may not be necessary for their child to acquire. If this was to occur during the process the company takes no responsibility for the termination. Several parents take these risks without knowing the statistics of this process. Studies have shown that “the technology used is not 100% safe and continues to be only in the experimental stages” (“Pros and Cons of Designer Babies”). Experiments are conducted first on ebryos, which may result in many deformations and defects that may be life threatening. This brings up the question of why this process is allowed if it hasn 't been proven to be safe. It jeopardizes several lives and in the end no ones really responsible but the parent. Nevertheless, people believe that this new technology may never fail and continue to take the risks. Though taking this decision leads to several negative consequences that one as a parent may regret for the rest of their lives. Overall, showing why it 's important that parents do not take these risks in utilizing this new
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