New Silk Road Economic Belt

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Based on the strategic vision of the Chinese government to build the new Silk Road Economic Belt. This paper aims to discuss the new development scenario in Syria, according to "shaped: 廾Gǒng: hands joined". Analysis of the information collected for proposing a new development axes that constitute a schematic depth of the coastal region. As a base to lead the development process and reconstruction in the future due to local and international properties. Also, to keep pace the idea of reviving the historical silk road through Syria. The goals are to the creation and development of urban communities through the Sustainable linear structure. Targeted range of inner and border cities by the concept "Hub & Gateway". Thus, forming an integrated economic belts to attract investments to inward regions, and provide access to energy sources detections in the coastal region. The results show that proposal scenario presents one of the most important strategies of development in Syria after the war.
Keywords: Balanced development, Development axis, Development strategy, Economic belt, Energy resources, Hub & Gateway, Silk road.

The historic Silk Road is considered one of the most important factors that led to the prosperity of all the cities and countries that have passed through it. Syria was by its important geographical location in the world 's map and the major Eastern gate of the Mediterranean Sea, as a stable station and a crossing for the major routes and sub-routes [1]. The Silk Road was not only a trade route but was also the main reason of cultures and traditions exchange among different communities on its estimated extension 6478 km [2]. China realized the importance of the Silk Road trade, so the Chinese government...

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... 2.3% only of the total area [14]. Imbalance in the demographic distribution reflected gradually on disparity GDP spatially [15]. Moreover, because of the complete concentration of the Syrian industries on the linking axis between Damascus and Aleppo. So that, one of the main reflection of the current crisis was stopped in the overall economic growth rate.
All these factors made the goal of scenarios to the stage of reconstruction focused on not repeating the mistakes of planning. Work to find the right formula to Break the bottleneck axis of Aleppo - Damascus through an integrated structure of developmental axes. The idea of future sustainable development axes as one of the integrated regional planning application means, an integral necessity for the next phase, reconstruction and building a linking network at the level of infrastructure between the various regions.

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