New Light Should Never Shake Old Truth

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• New Light should never shake old truth; however, it should not be rejected because it is new. I want to implement this into my life by accepting truth based on the its legitimacy in the Biblical cannon, and not simply reject it because it does not hold to my pre-conceived ideas of what truth is. I want to focus on how I can study more thoroughly different points of view to see if they are in harmony with the Scripture, understanding that truth in and of itself never changes. • We must study the Scriptures for ourselves and simply not accept other people’s interpretations. Practically, this means that I must in my life not simply accept what scholars say, either in other denominations or our own, unless I am convinced that it is a truth rooted in the Scripture. I must be so familiar with the scripture that I easily detect error. This is the type of detection, that according to this passage by Ellen White, we must do to have a firm faith. • The Bible continues to shine brighter and brighter as people dig deeper and deeper and God inspires them. In reality, it means that each successive generation should be better equipped than the previous. Sadly, this has not been the case. In my own life, I want to focus on digging deeply into an understanding of truth that God reveals to me—not searching for something simply new and novel but something that is deeply life-changing. • We must constantly be re-investigation our doctrines to see if we have believed correctly. This important truth needs to be something that we all do. I want to focus on making sure that that my beliefs are in line with God’s wisdom and not simply my own thinking and conjecturing; taking cultural norms and reading them into the Bible in an inappropriate way. • We ... ... middle of paper ... ...attained, we must never fear to allow the truth to change our thinking; realizing that the highest we can ever attain is nothing compared to the wisdom of God. We must realize that even those who have not learned as must as us may also have a great understanding of the Scriptures and may understand things that we simply do not. • Our understanding, as those who guide others into truth, must be guided directly from God. We should not allow people to dissuade us from understanding the truth more fully. I want to focus on how things in my life block God from giving me a more full understanding and how to remove those blocks. • Humility is the basis of Bible study. This concept must be firmly linked in our understanding of truth, or we will miss what God is trying to show us entirely. I want to focus on coming to the Scriptures with a focus on God instead of on myself.

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