New Jersey v. T.L.O.

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New Jersey v. T.L.O. is a case that discusses about two Piscataway Township High School freshmen in New Jersey. These two girls were found smoking cigarettes in a restroom by a teacher and then were taken to the principal office. The assistant vice principal, Theodore Choplick, asked the two girls if they were smoking in the restrooms. One of the girls admitted that she had been smoking in the restroom while the other girl, called T.L.O., whose name is not fully given to the public to protect the girl’s rights because of her age had denied having smoked in the restroom. Then Choplick decided to demand to see the 14-year-old girl’s bag. Unwillingly, T.L.O. had to give it up for the search. In the search, the assistant principal found money, a pack of rolling cigarette papers, which are mainly used for marijuana, a pipe, plastic bags, a pack of cigarettes, an index card with a list of people who owed money, and two letters with substantial evidence of her dealing marijuana. She was then taken to the police station during which she then succumbed and admitted that she had been selling ...

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