New Experiences Delivered by Media Technologies

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New Experiences Delivered by Media Technologies

In the 21st century, media technologies have become a vital element of

life for many people. With the development of different systems and

operations, audiences have had both a bigger choice of media and a

life which media technologies has made easier. Unique selling points

of media mediums allow audiences to develop they media equipment and

the way they use them.

The Internet has arguably been the most influential medium of media in

the last 10 years. The Internet was introduced to the world as a link

to information. But today, its communication sectors are the most

popular. E-mail has become the most popular communication method

within business and personal worlds. E-commerce has also been

introduced in past years with the use of the Internet. Today, many

businesses rely solely on the Internet to sell their products and

collect revenue. This kind of business hasn't been seen since the

introduction of telesales in business. This flexible selling style

gives the audience of Internet shopping an easy way of purchasing

goods from their home where they used to have to go out and get in

from shops and other establishments.

Advertising has also been a big part of business on the net. With the

huge audience numbers, adverts get a huge amount of people viewing the

adverts everyday. Banner adverts at the top of many search engines

have been the most successful adverts with millions of people going on

the search engine everyday. Guerrilla has been introduced in past

years and use successfully. Many upcoming film websites use this

advertising. The Blair witch project has been a good example, with the

film being marketed at a real story, it used the old method of word of

mouth advertising to get the film publicised. And after this, the film

made over 90 times more than it's production budget. More big budget,

murder mystery films use clue gathering or like the film MEMENTO, the

website is a newspaper cutting of a murder news report and as you

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