New England Restraining Act

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New England Restraining Act
Fishermen, trade, and the economy were all affected due to the New England Restraining Act. The goal of the act was to keep the colonies in order to allow them to only trade with Great Britain. Trade was no longer legal with any other country which caused controversy with the colonists. This law was created in response to the Coercive Acts, and its intent was to punish the colonies. Not being able to trade with any outside sources other than Great Britain limited the colonists on their amount of imports and exports, which severely damaged the economy. The New England Restraining Act had a great impact on starting the American Revolutionary War.
One reason the New England Restraining Act was created was because of the Tea Act in 1773. “The Tea Act of 1773 brought things to a head with a small tax placed on imported tea” (The New England Restraining Act is made law 1). The New England colonies had fought against these taxes because they believed it wasn’t fair. The Tea Act was enacted to get the British East India Company out of debt by forcing the colonies to buy all imported tea from them. Although the price of tea had gone down, this had created tension between the colonies and Britain. The American colonists were not pleased with this act. In response to the new act they boycotted. The colonists refused to buy any imported tea from the British East India Company. The boycott left the British East India Company in debt. This series of events led to the Boston Tea Party.
The American Colonies were beyond frustrated. They were tired of the British Parliament not responding to the American colonists’ boycott. The Sons of Liberty took three ships full of tea at the Boston Harbor and dumped 342 crates of...

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...n. Eventually both sides signed a treaty that finally ended the war in 1763. This Treaty was known as the Treaty of Paris.
In conclusion, the New England Restraining Act did play a role in granting America its Freedom. The New England Restraining Act was made to restrict the colonists from receiving goods from anyone else, but Britain. With tension building, war was inevitable between America and Great Britain.

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