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Life in the New England colonies developed a distinct taste from the nation which they had originated in. Farmers and common laborers had to adapt a new trade in the Americas as they settled the new lands. Society adapted a distinct taste as Africans, Europeans, and Natives contributed to society in a variety of ways. Unfortunately the start of the new nation was not all god, gold, and glory. Conflicts were abound, wars just waiting to destroy everything the colonists had worked for. Leading a successful life on new soil was on the minds of many, but uncertainty and conflicts would haunt and hinder their efforts.

During the early 17th century Protestant groups such as the Puritans and Separatists -basically extreme puritans- were being persecuted religiously and politically. Though there were many branches of Puritanism such as Anglican and Presbyterian, their common goal was to purify the Church of England in its liturgical teachings, vestments, and episcopal (bishop) hierarchy (
All the religious reformers were not welcome in England, which was dominated by the Church of England which practiced Roman Catholicism. The Church did not officially kick out the Puritans but they did not value any of their opinions. This led to the frustration of the reformers as they were also treated unjustly, eventually leading to their departure of England. Some still believed that the Church of England could be reformed, but most knew that starting anew in a different country would be the best choice for their freedom to practice religion ( So began the journey of the Pilgrims across the Atlantic to the Americas in search of a new way of life.

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... tactics to fight the war and protect their homeland. Without the help of the Natives, enough resources, and an insufficient amount of troops, the French lost the war, gave up all holds on North America and signed the Treaty of Paris on February 10th, 1763 ( (
The English had won, but at a greater cost than they could have handled. A huge debt was the result of the victory, and in turn this would lead to the American Revolution as the English would try to erase their debt by heavily taxing the colonists (

The colonists who had settled in the new world had built a civilization proud and prosperous. Conflicts and the environment that surrounded them had forced the colonists to adapt a new life, but the distinctive taste which they had created in the colonies was the start of the new bold country of America.
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