New England Colonies Dbq

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Through the times, the New World has been developing and changing. As time has passed, the New World has been divided into three sections, the New England, which is the north, Chesapeake Region or Bay, and the South. All three sections are in the same country, but they have their own uniqueness and differences from each other. Their uniqueness and differences can be seen through their population, economics, diseases, climate, and social and religious life. For instance, New England and the South might be in the same country, but they are both in different locations causing a difference in there population based on several reasons. New England is in the northern part of the colonies while the South is in the southern part of the colonies.…show more content…
Their differences can be seen through social, economics, and their religious life. For example, in the New England area, they had big families that contain many children. Because of big families, the term grandparents was created meaning that the man’s parents were still alive by the time the man’s children were born. But, in the Chesapeake Region, it was very different because they had small families. The reason for this being was that they died very soon because of diseases. Even though women in this area became pregnant very young, even before getting married to a man, they still had small families because about 50% of children died at age fourteen or fifteen because of diseases. At the same time, in this area they started to get many diverse ethnic communities that brought many diverse religions in the…show more content…
Both areas had different economics. For example, New England’s economy was through fishing since they had rocky soil that cause them not to be able to plant many crops in the land. But, in the Chesapeake Region area, their economy was based on tobacco so the people from this area use farmland to plant and cultivate tobacco. Tobacco was one of the most important and main source of economy. But, since they had small plantations, the owners needed few workers so they decided to get indentures servants that were not expensive in this time period. The plantation’s owner gain fifty acres of land because of the headright system that stated that if the plantation owner paid for the trip of the indentured servants, the plantation owner will gain fifty acres of land for tobacco
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