New California Law Gives Legal Immigrants the Right to Obtain Driver’s License

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1272 words

Previously unlicensed immigrants were unable to drive legally in California, but a new law Assembly Bill 60, authorized by Assemblyman Luis Alejo, D-Salinas, will change that. Now unlicensed drivers in California have the opportunity to obtain a license with either a Social Security number, if here illegally they will need an identification document from their country of origin. On Oct. 10, 2013, Gov. Brown D-California, held two separate signings of the new law which had stalled for over ten years and had been vetoed at least three times. The signings were attended by hundreds of supportive immigrants who cheered as Gov. Brown spoke: “Immigrants in California have picked our food, they’ve built our houses, they’ve waited on our tables-but they’ve been in the shadow. Well, today, they become legal drivers in California” (Ellis). Immigrants have worked and lived in California since the Chinese internment camps, now they are harvesting our crops and need to feel as they fit into our society. AB 60 is a good law for all Californians. Federal law should allow Immigrants legal or illegal granted a Driver’s License in the state of California. Robert Putnam, a political science and politics professor who has taught at Stanford, MIT, and Harvard, quoted “The more we connect with people, the more we trust them, and vice versa.” (Putnam) This new bill has been a milestone for people of other countries to come here to selected states who have this bill. Undocumented immigrants will now be able to obtain a California driver’s license. Although this license will only be used for driving purposes and not for ID use, it has stepped into the right direction. John, a 20-year-old Boston native, suggested that “…everyone has something valuable to o... ... middle of paper ... ... Driver’s License in the state of California. Works Cited Cone, Tracie, and Laura, Olson. “Bill Would Make Calif. 10th State to Allow Driver’s Licenses For Immigrants in US Illegally.” Canadian Press, The, Published September 13, 2013: Newspaper Source Plus. Web. 29 Oct. 2013. Ellis, John. “Gov. Brown signs illegal immigrant driver’s license law.” Fresno Bee, Published Oct. 4, 2013. Web. Nov. 8, 2013. Herdt, Timm. “Prospects lifted for bill to offer driver’s license to those in U.S. illegally.” Ventura County Star (CA) 23 Apr. 2013: Newspaper Source Plus. Web. 29, Oct. 2013. Hearn, Alison. "Image Slaves: Everybody Wants to Be on Television." Changing Society: Readings for the Engaged Writer. Boston: Prentice Hall, 2010. 250. Print. Putnam, Robert. "Tuning In, Tuning Out." Changing Society: Readings for the Engaged Writer. Boston: Prentice Hall, 2010. 262. Print.

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that assembly bill 60, authorized by assemblyman luis alejo, will allow unlicensed immigrants to drive legally in california.
  • Explains that the california driver's license is a milestone for immigrants of other countries to come here to selected states who have this bill.
  • Explains that teenagers who were brought into california illegally can now get a license at sixteen, without having to look over their shoulders while driving to and from work or performing everyday tasks.
  • Explains that the support needed to tip the scales in favor of ab60 was gained by groups such as: assembly transportation committee, california police chiefs association, and the western growers association.
  • Opines that although the driver's license will make immigrants legal drivers opposing views feel that illegal immigrants are being rewarded for being here illegally.
  • Argues that requiring unlicensed drivers to pass a drivers safety test and buy insurance would improve highway safety. ab 60 ensures that all california drivers are properly trained, licensed, and insured.
  • Opines that the bill would create a threat to our safety and economic security.
  • Concludes that ab 60 will give all immigrants in the state of california the ability to obtain a driver's license.
  • Analyzes how the bill would make california the 10th state to allow driver’s licenses for immigrants in us illegally.
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