Never Ending Beginning

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The mansion was called Llywelyn Hall, it was an old, abandoned, 17th century building with vines hanging low on its dark stone walls. It had an coldness around itself which even the unbearable heat of this very bright July day couldn't melt away. Anyone in the small village of Godric's Hallow could confirm that the mansion and its unkempt grounds were still inhabited. Alas, the Evans family knew nothing of those circumstances. Their real-estate agent, Mundungus Fletcher, boasted on this house as if it was Buckingham Palace or something. "You've got to be kidding me." Petunia wrinkled her nose in distaste 'I'm most certainly not going to live in this hovel! What will my friends think of me! Imagine Vernon picking me up from here' she shuddered at the thought of her boyfriend Vernon Dursley seeing her in this disposition . 'That's quite enough Petunia dear' Mrs Evans smiled at her daughter, albeit her smile didn't reach her eyes 'with a little love and care this house is going to be a jewel!' Petunia scowled shoving her suitcase closer to her lean form as Mrs Evans hugged her gently. 'Now, now Tuney… you know we can't offer the house anymore… it's hard, but we'll manage my dear, after all we're Evans women and Evans woman are though." 'I suppose your right mother' Petunia mumbled stiffly, starring above the head of the small woman who was still hugging her, she would have to spend more time with the Dursleys then which wasn't a bad thing at all, Vernon was very forward. Mrs Evans frowned trying to ignore her daughters stiffness, when did she become mother instead of mum? The Dursley's most certainly had an influence on her little Tuney. After Mr Evans had passed away a few months ago, Petunia would spend even more time wi... ... middle of paper ... ...hing happened. "Honestly, besides that I'm a ghost and cannot even touch you - I just told you I was a murderer and you can't come up with anything but a simple knockback jinx?" he shaked his head and made a disapproving noise "What do they teach the youth these days?" "You are a wizard?" now she sounded almost hopefull. "I was a wizard. May I ask you what year it is? I havent seen anyone around for a long time" "It's 1977. So, you are a real ghost" "Why, yes I am. Maybe you even heard of me in Hogwarts, they call me the ghost with the most, love." "I've never been to Hogwarts" "Tant pis! Alors, tu es une étudiante de Beauxbâtons ma jolie?" "No, I don't go to any wizarding school.. I.." she stopped for a moment "I'm not allowed to" He seemed thoughtful "Lily, do you know anything about Grindelwald?" "Is he one of those dark wizards?" "Gellert Grindelwald
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