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Neuromancer-Creative Writing No one ever really thought that Skymat would ever end up looking the way it did, or run the way it is run. In the early 21st century the Ceo of Microtel and the Owners of Cybertech Inc., and Logics Inc branded together to start a colony of Americas most aristocratic citizens and put them somewhere. That somewhere took 4 years to decide and only after hundreds and hundreds of hours on consultation and thought, did Jean Marque Luquette of Logics decide that it could be done in the sky of our Earth. It was a great idea with the technology of the 24th century. No one thought it was possible but yet unscathed and determined the trio continued in their quest for a place in history. For about the next twenty years every technician, astrophysicist, and anyone else who would put some matter of thought into the ideas was met with and asked for their help. Unfortunately the same answer was given over and over again," The magnitude of such a creation is beyond our technological capabilities, sorry!" Thirty-Seven million dollars later and nothing to show the idea was scrapped and the project eliminated. It was not until the year of 2659 that the idea of putting such a city in the clouds was brought up again. Marcus Vent whose lineage traced back to Marque Luquette was a multi multi mutli trillionare with many connections and many influential friends. The word is that alone Marcus has more money then the next five richest men under him combined. Marcus had grown up reading science fiction books and had an imagination that got him in trouble quite a bit but never the less kept him wondering. His favorite book was "Skymat" written by the grandson of John McCleod the once former owner of Microtel. In i... ... middle of paper ... ...e thought about it the more it angered him. The more it angered him the more he wanted to succeed. He became so determined there soon was no other thought in his head than winning, and victory. Cam thought about what he would do to each one. Would he kill them. How would he kill them. Would he be merciful and spare each one of them their lives, even Beolino. The answer was clear, no mercy just pain!! He thought about how he would walk into Beolino's little room and ask him if he remembered him. If Beolino did not remember he would remind him, put a neuse over his head and throw him out of the window of the skyscraper and hang him, hopefully snapping his neck loud enough for everyone to hear. If he was lucky enough maybe have his head come clean off of his body and the rest of his body fall to the ground. Bibliography:
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