Neurology: My Career As A Career

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Neurology is my first career choice but it is also my second, third, and fourth career choice. Neurology reflects my excitement and motivation to wake up every morning to encounter something new to learn. To me, life is like a boxing match. I challenge myself to do well every day. I may get hit in the face, but I keep moving forward and keep learning from every hit. Perseverance is my strongest quality, which has helped me survive in life and is the best quality I can offer to the Neurology field. As a Neurologist, I want to learn the skills of neurological diagnosis, work to improve processes of the medical profession, and successfully educate patients, so they are empowered to choose a healthy life.

In medicine, we function on a vast amount of information and our best evidence evolves daily. Reading neurology books will only help one master the skills to an extent. Learning to exercise sound clinical judgment requires extensive hands-on experience by seeing and talking to patients. As I knew the experience would be the golden key to success, I worked as a neurology postdoctoral fellow at Johns Hopkins. I gained experience, not only the research side but also the clinical aspect. I joined the team during rounds to further master my skills in history taking and physical examination. In my spare time, I spent time at surgical neuropathology department to learn and diagnose neurology at the microscopic level.
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To pursue that goal, I poured over instruction books and reviewed countless hours of paintings of renowned painters. I practice to learn the right techniques by creating a large number of paintings. Today, my pursuit is different, but the principle is the same. By extensive study and practice, I want to become an evidenced based neurologist who always gets a clear history, perform a thorough physical, and deftly examine her findings before ordering tests or treatments for
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