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The Bead Bar wants to implement a state of the art network system that will help the business suit the needs of customers and employees. This essay will cover the informational technology and network needs of the Bead Bar. This paper will suggest a network topology and network architecture, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of the suggested network.

The Bead Bar has many requirements and requests for their informational technology needs. The stores around the country have purchased either laptops for mobility and desktops for the offices. These computers allow employees to share data with each other and perform everyday work duties. The computers have many programs such as Microsoft Word and QuickBooks for accounting. Additionally, The company needs to track and order inventory and store and share data in which database systems software has been implemented to do so. The database system controls and shares data within the company, employees can now view inventory and control the prices of inventory. There are many other pertinent functions that database systems perform, such as storing client information. Each and every person within the Bead Bar’s organization should have access to a network. The network can allow employees to view their work schedules and use the Internet. Most companies communicate via the Internet and e-mail. Therefore, a network will be suitable for the growing needs of the organization.

The recommended topology for the Bead Bar is ring. The ring topology will be accommodating and reliable. The client/server architecture will be suitable to the request of the Bead Bar. They need a fast and powerful processing device to store and output large amounts of data. The ring topology and clie...

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...f a server goes down, clients cannot access information from the server.

The Bead Bar’s growth and reliability is important for the employees and also for clients. The ring topology and client/server architecture will work hand in hand in providing the Bead Bar with the best network for work functions. The advantages of establishing a network will bring about functionality for the Bead Bar. The functions of a network are endless; companies can make them suitable to their business requirements. Programs are centrally located at a server and many clients can simultaneously access data. The server delivers functionality from several distances. The network will require updates and routine maintenance to maintain efficiency. The Bead Bar will be happy with the network setup because it will grow with the company as it expands and continue to provide the functionality.
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