Network Security and Protection

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Network security is a set of different measures which are designed to protect networks from attacks and unauthorised access. Network protection is provided in two type software and hardware. Treats to huge corporation networks nowadays are constantly growing, they spreading in increasing speed, and their destructive capabilities are increasing every day.

If we look on the list of threads what may harm the corporate network, it becomes clear that nowadays trend is multifunctional devices used to protect from most of the corporate treats (viruses, worms, Trojans, DOS-attacks, spam, data leaks, and etc.)

In this assignment I going to choose two network security software tools explain and evaluate them through. The tools which been chosen are Honeypot and Intrusion prevention system. For honeypots there going to be a Honeyd and IPS (Intrusion prevention system) is a Snort.


Snort – free Intrusion prevention system (IPS) and intrusion detection system (IDS) with open source. Capable of carrying out registration packets and performing real-time traffic analysis on IP networks. Tool performs record-keeping, analysis, search for content, and is also used for blocking the active or passive attacks or echo’s, such as buffer overflows, stealth port scan, attacks on web application, SMB scanning and attempts to identify the OS. The software mainly used to prevent intrusion into the system and block attacks which may occur.

As snort is based on the Open source code it is easy to configure software to any WLAN. Let’s note that Nowadays snort is one of the network software standards for intrusion detection system (IDS). Snort is very flexible, fast and what is most important easy distributed. All that allows use it ...

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