Network Security

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Network Security When it comes to networking and the security of networks, there are several different methods of protecting networks. Of these differing methods, some of them sound similar, but provide differing levels of security. In the following paragraphs, I will try to explain the differences between some of the methods used. • Explain the difference between historical and statistical logging. Logging is a simple way of keeping a record of activity on a network. There are several types of logs that can be kept, each providing different data that can be analyzed to provide information on potential ways of improving security over time. With historical logging, records are kept of all data passing through a particular network device. This might be the gateway separating a network from the outside world or an internal router on the network. In either case, the record kept can then be analyzed at a later date and hopefully provide insight on the security of the network. Statistical logging is a more efficient form of logging and includes some analysis already built into the report. This information might include which users were logged in during which time frames, what files were accessed, and how long they were logged in. By watching for different trends in this type of report, potentially harmful activity is more easily identifiable and mitigated. • Explain the difference between file security and firewalls. Firewalls provide a barrier between internal networks and the outside world. Firewalls can be used anywhere there is data transferred between two systems. Individual computers can each have their personal firewall for filtering data. Firewalls are a filtering system to determine information that is allowed and... ... middle of paper ... ...there are different aspects of network security. Each type protects the network and files on it in a different way. It is up to the network manager to decide which methods work best for his individual business needs, and he may apply some or all of the methods mentioned here. References . Costlow, T. (2004). IEEE Distributed Systems Online: Digital Postmark Helps Fight Spam, Virus Attacks. Vol. 5, No 5; Retrieved June 19, 2006, from Srinutapong, Supoet Stephen. (2001). Data Integrity and Security. Retrieved June 19, 2006, from Webopedia. 2006. Digital Certificate. Retrieved June 18, 2006, from Wikipedia. 2006. Digital Postmark. Retrieved June 11, 2006, from
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