Network Management and Optimization Proposal

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Network Management and Optimization Proposal
This is a proposal for network management and optimization. The network has grown rapidly, and the company has not completed proper documentation and policies. This proposal includes required documentation; network monitoring, event logging, and maps; data backup; and network optimization.
In order to maintain, troubleshoot, and prevent network outages, network administrators need to refer to documentation. Required documentation includes network diagrams, wiring schematics, policies, procedures, configurations, baselines, and change logs.
Network diagrams and wiring schematics are essential for reference and troubleshooting. A network diagram shows a logical or physical layout and includes switches, firewalls, routers, WAN links, and IP addresses (TestOut, 2014a). A wiring schematic is a drawing that shows all cables including connections to switches, patch panels, and devices and includes locations and cable numbers.
The company needs to have policies that explain what the network requirements are and what needs to be done to provide a functional network. Policies should reference regulations that apply to the business and should cover different areas such as administrative functions, documentation, and security (TestOut, 2014a). Policies should require that administrators follow procedures. Procedures are step-by-step instructions for such things as installing and configuring hardware and software, updating antivirus and operating systems, and backing up data.
Administrators need equipment configuration documentation and baselines for reference.
Equipment configuration details can be written in a document or sometimes can be exporte...

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