Network Lab Design for Kolej Professional Mara Beranang

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Table of Contents PROJECT TITLE 2 INTRODUCTION 2 PROBLEM STATEMENT 2 OBJECTIVES 2 SCOPE 3 PROPOSED METHODOLOGY 3 PROBLEM SOLUTION 4 HARDWARE REQUIREMENT 4 DESIGN 7 CONCLUSION 11 PROJECT TITLE Network LAB Design for Kolej Profesional Mara Beranang (KPMB). INTRODUCTION MARA Professional College Beranang (KPMB) was formerly known as MARA Institute of Commerce(IPM), which was established on May 1977. KPTM now located in Beranang Selangor that near the Mantin. KPMB have more than 30 staff and 2000 student. This college KPMB already have a network in the lab at level 2 but the network a lot of problem for example the cable is damage by the student there, and also the disorganized cable there. So the new network design has to implement in KPMB to ensure the computer in the lab has the perfect network connection. This project is implementing to all the lab at level 2 KPMB and it has 3 labs. PROBLEM STATEMENT Many computers in the lab not have good network connection, and some of the computer doesn’t have the network connection. This will make the student hard to find the information to finish the assignment and also to make a research for their studies. If the student wants to use the internet connection, they have to fine the computer that has the connection. And if there is none of the computer available, hey have to wait the other. Furthermore, the cables on the lab also have serious damage because the cable has not proper managed from previous setup. If there any problem to the connection, the problem can’t be trace easily. OBJECTIVES • To redesign the previous network design • To develop a network connection that work more better • To provide an easy way in monitoring their network performance and accessibility. SCOPE This pr... ... middle of paper ... ...nt of the college who are using the lab for daily use are important to make sure the solution for the problem can me determine. The stage of methodology is important to follow because each of the stage have different task to complete. The solution for all the lab problem is same because the lab has the old cabling design and it not well manages. Each of the lab has same size and that also make easier to design a network design for cabling for all the lab and replacement of the hard ware and also the arrangement of the computer. For the chosen hardware also important because the lab is for daily use and the hardware can overcome the network problem such as the slow connection. The hardware also meet the company budget that have low budget and in order to meet the company budget, the best hardware is the efficient hardware but have the best performance will low cost.

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