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Network As a freshman and sophomore I thought about taking journalism as a minor. I ended up taking News Writing I & II, as well as Public Relations. In addition, I also worked for my local newspaper, Pawtucket Times, as well as for a local boxing promoter handling their public relations - a job which I still hold today ( Because of this I found both the movie and the reading to be very factual. The basic premise of both the film and the reading is that the elite, or the rich people and corporations of the country, control the news and what is reported and what is not. In my personal experiences, as well as in the film, this was shown to be almost 100% correct. In my personal experience I have found that we will get no news coverage for a boxing event from our local paper, the Providence Journal, until we put together an ad package. This is not a written rule, however it seems to be the only way to get things done. Also, when working for the Times, the paper never covered the Providence Bruins AHL hockey team until the team started advertising with them, than the paper made it a top priority. I especially liked how they created the controversy around Howard when he expressed his true feelings on his show. I think this happens a lot to this day. When a writer does a piece that is a little controversial you will see many times them being sued, reprimanded, etc. Or, if you pay close attention, many times that writer will just not show up that often anymore. This is prevolent in all kinds of media. A few years ago ESPN2 had a very good, but controversial radio talk show host on as a host of a call in show. Jim Rome, was his name, and once he got too controversial they had to yank him from the air for fear that the advertisers and sponsors would pull their support from the network. When Howard said in the film that bit about the people of the country not wanting to hear the truth he was very correct. If you think about it in terms of the news of today you will see that. If a person is watching the news and there is a lot of violence and bad things happening they will almost always ask the questions, why can't the news say something good?

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