Netflix: SWOT Analysis: Netflix Go

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The SWOT matrix of Netflix GO, goes hand in hand with Netflix itself. The strengths of Netflix GO heavily rely on the company itself. Currently Netflix is one of the biggest names in the entertainment industry and has established itself as a credible company. As of the third quarter of 2016, Netflix has very large customer base with 86.74 million worldwide subscribers ("Number of Netflix"). The retention of these customers is based off of two main factors. First, the customers have very large selection of television shows and movies with an amazing 13,000+ titles to select from (“Netflix TV Show”). Second, and most importantly subscription for annual subscribers who will use currently use Netflix and those who will use Netflix GO will being…show more content…
Currently Netflix is seeing mass amount of growth in its streaming customer base so there will be plenty of growth in the next few years allowing for Netflix GO to catch a hold of the new customer base. The threat that runs to parallel to this is that many more streaming services are on the rise and are beginning to gain popularity such as Hulu Plus, HBO Go, and Philo TV. These services could mitigate the number of subscriber growth that Netflix is currently receiving or could develop a similar streaming product such as Netflix GO. A second opportunity for Netflix is the partnership with a large tablet producing corporation such as Microsoft or Sony whose sales may be threatened by Netflix Go. In contrast, the threat becomes whether or not one of these tablet producers is resistant to a partnership with Netflix to produce Netflix GO or partners with another streaming service such Hulu Plus instead. Netflix can use a combination of its strengths and opportunities successfully introduce Netflix GO. They need to take advantage of their large customer base and introduce the product to them first. Some of the new titles need to be exclusively on the Netflix GO tablets. This will make current subscribers may wish to have access to those exclusive titles encouraging them to purchase a GO tablet. Furthermore, Netflix can appeal to their large customer base with a credible partnership of a company that commonly produced tablets such as
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