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The way that people are watching television in my generation is far different from how television was consumed just ten years ago. Based on personal experience, there’s an interesting find that I have discovered about the way the people around me talk about Netflix; the streaming service that has been providing media to customers around the globe for just under ten years. When someone says that they have been using Netflix, they rarely say “I watched this specific show,” but instead say, “I watched Netflix”. Netflix has become one of the biggest tools of consumption of video in the 21st century. Just a decade ago, the idea of an online streaming service probably would have been unheard of due to the technology and storage not being as advanced…show more content…
The service didn’t offer a streaming library of movies and TV shows that we know it as today but instead online movie rentals, where customers would order a movie online for it to be mailed to their home. Just two years later, the company offered a subscription service, which would put them in the path for a future streaming site that was launched almost ten years after Netflix was created. At this time in 2007, Netflix already had a plethora of customers around the United States who clearly embraced the new streaming service. The international company now has multiple Emmy’s for their original content and over 50 million customers…show more content…
At a Paleyfest panel in 2014 she explained how the trend of “binge-watching” influences her writing. “We don’t have to cover every character in every episode,” she said. Kohan listens to her audience and the way Netflix consumers binge-watch a lot of the content. She decides to go deeper into her characters and leave certain characters out of some episodes. “The audience would see them in an hour” (Kohan). Streaming sites like Netflix are changing the definition of television. Because of this, TV producers are getting more creative and viewers are getting smarter. Many experts have called the past few years the second golden age of television with numerous shows taking risks and becoming, believe it or not, a new standard of learning. Over the past few years, Netflix has revolutionized the way writers are writing television and how audiences watch and absorb television which brings me to my next topic: binge

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