Nestle Innovation: Innovation, Innovation And Innovation

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Nestlé is one of the most well-known multinational organizations, characterized by the quality of its products. During the company's 150-year history, Nestlé has assumed a firm commitment towards innovation, based on scientific knowledge and the continuous search for answers to the new nutritional needs of people. For the company the innovation and technology is a necessity that arises from the high exigency of the market, characterized by a high competition and scarce margins of benefits by the products offered. The hot topics about innovation in Nestle are: innovation culture, R&D investment, and operational excellence.
In this context, the company has adopted a culture of open innovation, which has led the organization
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According to their philosophy, the objective is to embrace innovation inside the company and focus on innovations that surprise the customer and give him what he wants before he knows he wants it. (Garrison, 2008)
Nestlé Innova, is an internal program developed by the company whose objective is to increase the contribution of new products to the turnover, reducing the time required for launching new products to the market and achieving a cultural change in the company. In this sense, innovation is is considered a key element of the culture inside the
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In addition, 47.4% of its turnover comes from innovations launched or products that have been renewed in the last three years. The strategy of the company is to carefully monitor the needs of its consumers and based on that deliver outstanding product quality.
To continue competing and strengthening its position in the market, Nestle for executing the innovations that have been approved in a fast and productive way. In this sense, the company is implementing incremental innovation, which potentiate competitiveness and maintain the company in a pioneer position in the market. The launch of 20-30 new products per year has been the key to the company's expansion of annually 7.5%.
Executing these plans Nestle aims to promote nutrition, health and wellness of its customers, the community, schools, and community centres, among many other social actors. Reducing nutrients such as sugar, sodium and Trans fat, the company has already reformulated 30 products to offer healthier options to the
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