Nepal Case Study

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Nepal is a landlocked country located in south Asia between China and India. Nepal is a developing country with an agricultural economy. In recent years, the nation’s effort to expand into technological and manufacturing sector have achieved progress. Farming is the key economic activity followed by trade, manufacturing and tourism. The major source of foreign currency earning is export, remittance, service and tourism.
Merriam Webster dictionary defines business as: The activity of making, buying, or selling goods or providing services in exchange for money; work that is part of a job; the amount of activity that is done by a store, company, factory, etc.
Although Nepal is rich in natural resources, it is not an ‘easy to do business’ country,
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A high probability of a change of government implies uncertain future policies. Similarly, foreign investors are likely to prefer a stable political environment of Nepal. A good leadership with a long vision, policy basket which addresses adequate laws and regulations, free from internal conflicts with investment security policy which will attract all the investors towards investment in Nepalese business. The industrial sector should be strike free zone, with a good relationship between political parties, government, labourer and workers with low tax rate for bringing raw material from foreign country. Proper wages system to worker, good corporate ethics and proper relationship with the government and political parties can lead to economic and social development of…show more content…
This are the huge problems in Nepalese business environment. Doing business in Nepal is challenging, have to face several problems and obstacles and the recommendations for all Nepalese business firm is to work mutually with political parties, government to formulate adequate rules and regulation required for sustainable business growth. If the proper planning is carried out to resolve these problems by concerned authority including government, political parties, business organization and other personal. Nepalese business will grow and thus add great contribution on Nepalese
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