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Who will be there when a baby gets sick or when they have problems, and who will be there to help them, a neonatal nurse? A neonatal nurse is a nurse who nourishes newborn babies back to health. They work with babies on a variety of things such as; prematurity, illnesses, malfunctions, etc. This career is very interesting because the job consisted of working with babies and helping them. Therefore, in order to become a neonatal nurse, one has to do research. This includes the background information, the requirements, job description, and the outlook on that duty.
Neonatal nursing have been around since the 1960s. The origin of neonatal nursing came about from the rates of babies being born in homes to the increase of the babies being born in hospitals. Of course you have to have a way to help babies, so the invention of the incubator came about. So people became interested in the work, therefore, technology advanced and neonatal nurses became an important role in the lives of babies. A famous pediatrician, Dr. Louis Gluck, opened the first neonatal intensive care unit at a university in 1960. The first neonatal intensive care unit was not successful until he proved that it actually helped the sick babies. Another successful person in this profession today is Regina Obeng. She is the principle nursing officer and manager in a hospital in Ghana, and she received the International Neonatal Nursing Excellence Reward for her hard work in helping the newborns. Obeng has twenty-two years of experience and has become an expertise in her practice.
In order to become a neonatal nurse, first one has to attend an accredited nursing school. The best way to better one career is to go to a college or university, major in nursing, and go for a...

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