Neo-Freudian Psychologists: Karen Horney

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Neo-Freudian psychologists were people who were heavily influenced by Freud in their theories. These psychologists studied Freud’s theories in depth and later came to somewhat reject his views. They adapted portions of his theories, but changed certain aspects of his views to make it fit their personal beliefs and studies. Karen Horney was one of the more popularized Neo-Freudians of her time and still remains as one of the most famous ones in history. Her theories questioned some traditional Freudian views. This fact was very true of her theories of sexuality and of the instinct orientation of psychoanalysis. Horney is also credited with the founding of Feminist Psychology in response to Freud’s theory of penis envy. She disagreed with Freud about inherent differences in the psychology of men and women, and she traced such differences to society and culture rather than the specific biology of the men and women. Basically, she was stating that the psychological differences stemmed from their environmental surroundings and not by their genetic makeup. The friends, family, and acquaintances along with the lives they grew up with affected their psychology. Every human being possesses a different psychology in some way. Freud claimed that the psychology of men and women differed because of their biological “build,” but Horney was more of a believer in the effect of the environment and the people around the individual in the effect of the psychological status. Men might share similar psychological mindsets with other men, but not simply because they are men. Horney argued that the similarities were drawn because of their similar families and lifestyles. Karen Horney was an influential Neo-Freudian and her theories would stand the test ... ... middle of paper ... become one of the biggest names in the world of psychology and developed the Neo-Freudian principle which still is pioneering the world of psychology. Leaving a legacy is something that many people want to do, but only a few can. Karen Horney, with her brilliant psychological mind, managed to do so as her legacy has stood the test of time. Her theories are still used today along with the principles she had implemented into her theories. She is a role model to many young psychologists throughout the world as she was likely the first influential woman psychologist. Her legacy carries on today through the world of psychology. Works Cited
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