Nelson Mandela Biography Essay

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Nelson Mandela by Kadir Nelson
When Nelson Mandela was nine years old, his father died and he was sent to a village far away from home, in another part of South Africa. While he was there, he saw many fellow Africans. Some poor, most powerless, all downtrodden. At that point, his mind was made up that he would work to protect them. When the government began to segregate sides because of skin color, Mandela spoke out and fought for his people, fighting hard to make his country a free and equal place.
For this book, classroom engagement and attention being paid is key. Nelson Mandela was a key factor in world history, and it’s important for children to know who he was. Maybe implement a series of questions for kids to answer during the reading. Make sure there is a discussion at the end of the reading, followed by a small group project.
Amelia Lost by Candace Fleming
This is an interesting excerpt about the life and times of Amelia Earhart. The author moves back and forth between Amelia’s childhood all the way to her last flight. She goes into the search for Amelia and her missing plane. The pictures included in this book are amazing. Also, there are shots of handwritten notes by Amelia Earhart herself. With many sidebars, history, and background of Amelia, this book is sure to delight a classroom and leave them asking more.
This book is sure to gather questions from the students. Allow them to ask questions at will. Also, ask them questions about Amelia, and how they would feel in her shoes. Ask them about their personal feelings that captured them while listening to the book. After reading, do a research group project about Amelia Earhart, and maybe uncover some interesting facts that were not pointed out inside of ...

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...ll, mean, and much bigger than him. Greg keeps a diary and lets the pages know how uneasy and uncomfortable he is in his new surroundings. Greg has his friend Rowley around to help him through the change. Soon, Rowley starts to become popular. Greg tries to use Rowley’s popularity to help him out, but it starts to send turmoil to their friendship, testing it in a comical fashion. This book will keep you laughing and send you in all types of directions!
There are a few ideas I came up with when reading this book. There’s an interesting interview online about Jeff Kinney. Students would enjoy reading it and seeing what makes Jeff Kinney tick. After the reading, they could write their reactions to it. Also, they could split up and make a Greg Heffley song. A song about Greg, maybe a song that is already created, but changes the lyrics to Greg’s life. Just make it fun!
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