Nelson Mandela As A Hero

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The common aspect of a hero has been around since the beginning of man. As a society we view a hero as a simple vision of a human figure who demonstrates rare and heroic qualities and is thought of as a model or an idol. Each individual has someone who they admire or look up to. Whether it be an athlete, singer, actor or a famous historical figure each person has a hero. Nelson Mandela, the world-famous civil rights leader of South Africa is an incredible example of someone who puts others before himself and is not only a hero; but an international icon. Mandela most certainly placed himself in dangerous and compelling situations thorough the long and enduring process of abolishing the South African Apartheid. Mandela successfully depicts the five traits of the epic hero. On his journey to find peace and prosperity for the Black community of South Africa; Mandela put his own life on the line for what he thought was the right. Mandela exhibited no fear in taking a stand for what he believed to be right and faced whatever consequence the unjust system of law placed before him. Mandela’s outstanding ability to forgive those who treated him wrongly, his astounding self and social-awareness and his infinite determination bestowed him with the power to reach endless measures. Not only did Mandela save himself from the cruel and prejudiced behaviors of the South African Apartheid system; he also inspired millions to take a stand for what you know is right, and because of that, he is a hero.
Forgiveness can be defined as the action of forgiving someone who has done something wrong of inmoral to you but you chosing to accept what they have done and not hold it against them. Forgivness simply lies in the heart of the individual who choo...

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...uth Africa, Frederik Willem de Klerk.
Nelson Mandela embodies forgiveness, self and social-awareness and determination which specifies he is a clear example of a modern-day hero. Mandela depicts forgiving behaviors thorough his battle against the South African Apartheid. As Mandela gracefully forgave those who locked him away for twenty-seven years; He became to recognize the vitality of self and social-awareness. Not only did he practice the importance of coping with his own emotions and feelings but also those of the people around him. Each action Mandela made derived from one compelling force; a flame that for many would have died out long before he ever stopped. That single driving force was Mandela’s determination. Facing adversity is never easy; however Mandela’s triumphing attitude and behaviors granted him the ability to liberate the blacks of South Africa.
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