Neighbourhood Watch Essay

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Is there really a solution to prevent crime? Violence is a huge problem that Detroit has faced in the present and in the past. Violence is a aggressive type of behavior involving physical force intended to hurt or damage someone or something. Detroit is one and has been one of the highest crime rate in the U.S. Detroit faced and is still facing a lot of challenges the city need to overcome. Detroit has been in a lot of bad situations that had and has been affecting the city. Violent crimes has been a major role that Detroit need to change for the better in order to make the city advance. The city of Detroit has been and is one of the dangerous city in the U.S. but with the neighborhood watch it can help prevent crime, make people feel safe,…show more content…
The community can help violent crimes stop because people who come together and speak up can help make a change. If people do that it can help the city of Detroit improve. Neighborhood watch is to help build crime prevention. People should start forming people from their community to start a neighborhood watch group. It can be helpful to have a extra set of ears and eyes to help the community and stop the violent crimes from happening.

A neighborhood watch can be easily created. First you can set up a meeting with your community and talk about the current issue which for Detroit is the violent crimes. Then come up with a strategy of what the community can do help stop it. It will be helpful for the city of Detroit communities to start creating one so they can help the city be well. Neighborhood watch is one of the effective crime stopping strategy used today.

Crime happens in every neighborhood but with neighborhood watch people can have control over their community and it will make them feel safe. Neighborhood watch help looks out for the community. It will make the safer environment for the city. Neighborhood watch would also be helpful to the police because of the extra help they will be receiving from the
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This solution will work because the community look out for each other and strange activities that they might see in their neighborhood. Then report it to the police. It can also bring the community together and create trust within the community. Also it can be good to have a good relationship with the local police. Detroit needs it 's community to be able to create a strong relationship between neighbors so they can feel safe and in control. If communities start neighborhood watches that will have a impact on criminals because they know certain areas will be supervised. That will make people in the community feel less afraid and more
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