Negotiation Theory In Negotiation

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Usually when we think of negotiation, we think in terms of buying and selling. Most of us recognize that diplomats, businessmen, executives, and labor representatives also traded daily in their work. What they do not recognize is that we all negotiate every day in all areas of action of our lives. Ideas about negotiating developed based the character of the people, their knowledge, their aspirations, and of course their weaknesses and strengths. The ability of a person determine the extent to which avoids the negative factors and their aspirations to get satisfactory results.
Negotiate, is what happens when two parties have conflicting interests but also have an area of mutual convenience where the difference can be resolved. If you do not have to resort to negotiate rights, the legal system, strength, power, where it acts unilaterally and we can finish in the field of violence or war.
The new theory of negotiation is integration, which unlike the traditional, which was essentially based on a process of bargaining; in which emphasis placed on the distribution of what is being negotiated under the assumption that what one wins the other loses. The new negotiation theory attempts to redefine the problem through an exchange of interests to achieve an extension of outcomes for both parties. This is an international trend and is based on win-win
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The communication address corresponds to the management of the organization, because it is essential for the latter. Messages in this category seek, at first, to ensure that all elements of the organization have an identical sense of the reality of it. Marketing communication encompasses those forms of communication directly support the sales of goods and services. In this communication, the most outstanding work corresponds to the advertising. It is based on information on the product and benefits regarding
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