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"Effective negotiation is not about conflict. It is not about deviance or dishonesty. It is not about posturing, or bullying, or threatening. Effective negotiation is about exhaustive preparation, utter clarity, heartfelt communication, and a sincere, demonstrated desire to fully understand not just your own needs, but the needs of the other party." Leigh Stienberg: Winning with Integrity.


Does every thing in life revolve around negotiating? Your relationship with family, friends, significant other, school, church, work, does every thing have to be a negotiated? I feel the answer is of course "Yes." I want to feel I get value for what I’m spending, whether it is time, talent or money. As the payer I want the price to drop and you as the payee want the price to go up and get as much as you can. We both want to have a sense of achievement or movement. Reaching a deal reached between us is negotiating. Sounds easy doesn’t it. But the reality is that every negotiation is stressful and takes its toll on us.
When breaking Negotiating down into parts I came up with six important categories to keep in mind.


The first is to be prepared. Do your homework before you start negotiating. Have a plan and write it down. Have a vision of where, when and how to set up for success. Don’t look at the small picture of how to get an agreement reached for today’s issues. Look at the big picture. Where do I want to be in 1, 3, 5, years don’t give up something today that you might want down the road. Identify and Prioritize your goals look for obstacles that are going to come up and be prepared for them don’t be blind-sided. Commitment is something that came up in my research and I feel is part of being prepared. I had not even considered how important this was to negotiations. I know that you can’t negotiate forever and that it must come to an end. One of the analogies that came up was if an agreement isn’t reached you must cut off a finger. With the stakes set that high I bet an agreement is more likely to be reached.
Research your opponent whether it’s your boss or major national account know what their goals are, look for the hot buttons that make them happy.
If you’re negotiating make sure your negotiating with the right person. Does this person have the authority to negotiate and make...

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...wn needs, but the needs of the other party." Leigh Stienberg: Winning with Integrity.


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