Negatives Of The American Revolution

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The colonists were not happy in the mid-eighteenth century. They were getting no respect and slowly having their rights taken away. They had hardly any say in the government and England was beginning to become corrupt. The government had way too much power and the people had to do something about it. A revolution to gain independence and liberty was about to take place. This revolution is called the American Revolution.
By the mid-eighteenth century the colonists began to develop their own identity that was unique and separate from other people. The colonists wanted to make their own laws and be an independent country. “ A set of ideas we refer to as civic humanism provided the basis for the ideas of the revolutionary war.”(Chapter 2 Pg.42)
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Negative liberty was defined in terms of the absence of restraint by government. Basically saying the government does not control me. In negative liberty the individual experiences liberty in the extent that the power of government is limited. In this view the government should be limited. The focus in classical liberalism is on natural rights. Natural rights are defined as rights that are ours for existing. Government should protect our natural rights but not to hardly do anything else in scare that government may too easily infrindge on citizen’s other rights. Positive liberty is based on ideas from classical Greek political theory. In this view of liberty man is a social animal and only finds fulfillment in harmony with others. Society will provide us with what we need, such as material goods and our goals and direction. This focuses on civic virtue, which is a desire to pursue the public good rather than individual interests. Paine’s Common Sense is closely related to the views on liberty. In this pamphlet he explains how the British government is too controlling. “The government of England is nearly as monarchical as that of France or Spain.”(Chpt2-2 Pg.63) In negative liberty the government is not suppose to control the people. Also that “America would suffer numerous injuries by remaining connected with Great Britain and would not enjoy a single advantage.”(Chpt.2 Pg. 46) This is basically saying how Americans are
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