Negatives Of Pornography

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"People pay more money for pornography in America a year than they do on movie tickets, more than they do on all the performing arts combined"(). However, public views on pornography range from condemnation, because of the disturbing acts or images it portrays, to an acceptable form of expression for both men and women. "Attacks on pornography come from both religious conservatives, who see pornography as encouraging impersonal, casual sex, and from feminists who claim that pornography makes the plight of women worse by encouraging misogynist, sexist, and patriarchal attitudes"(). One the other hand pornography can be seen as liberating, empowering and even educational. This paper will examine both sides of this controversial topic proving…show more content…
As previously discussed, pornography can educate someone about sexual behaviors. While it may be reasonable to assume that this education is for a consensual sexual experience others believe it is for something much more sinister. In fact, Andrea Dworkin believes porn is used to help orchestrate rape. In her testimony to the Attorney General 's Commission on Pornography she states that "Pornography is used in rape-to plan it, to execute it, to choreograph it, to engender the excitement to commit the act". Others believe that pornographing teaches the dehumanization, and sexual or physical abuse of women. There is no doubt that pornography stretches the boundaries of normal sexual behavior. Many of the sexual acts portrayed in porn are questionable, for example strangulation, suffocation or murder. Dworkin 's testimony also stated "women are tortured for the sexual pleasure of those who watch and those who do the torture, where women are murdered for the sexual please of mudering women, and this material exists because it is fun, because it is entertainment, because it is a form of pleasure". While this may be true the majority of porn does not include these lewd acts. Unfortunately, they provide a platform for those to argue the harmful effects of
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