Negatives Of Globalization Essay

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Globalization is defined as a process that arouses international integration in the world through the interaction between citizens, government, MNCs, etc. from different countries, supported by the IT sector. It links and brings the entire world together and put into effect the concept of 'global village'. Globalization can be referred to as an economic phenomenon, that effects the entire world in various aspects, such as society and economy.

Everything in the world has its own pros and cons; and so does globalization. To focus on the posiive effects of globalization, its effects on the society can be observed. Globalization is basically to develop the society. It increases the standard of living in the society and also provids a quality life.
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Internet is a very useful and effective approach to connect to the outer world;but it has the ability to bring arm to the society in ethical manner if it is used for wrong and immoral intentions. As for the economic aspect, globalization has led to a rapid increase in free trade at the international level;but it also have some negative effects. Globalization can lead to inequality in trade between countries. Rich and developed countries get the ability to overpower and dominate small underdeveloped and developing countries who are not so strong in terms of finance, and exploit them and their resources. Plus, reduction in tariffs and liberalization can only benefit the rich countries and not the developing or the underdeveloped…show more content…
It is known for its rich culture and heritage, and traditions. It has taken great measures to protect the Arab and Muslim culture and traditions from any kind of outside manipulations. For instance, the DSF is a good example of encasing and putting forward the local culture and traditions. The goal of the DSF is to attract other countries around the world. Thus, it is an effect of globalization for more globallization. The UAE is well known for its trade in oil and petroleum. They depend heavily on these resources to earn income. But, there is always a chance of the UAE running out of oil. Will this cause a great downward shift in the income of the country? There is no doubt that oil is not the only way through which income is earned. The UAE is also economically strong through creating jobs and opportunities. The UAE has a free and open economy, which supposedly means that it is made up of different cultures (the outside world). Globalization has given UAE a prosperous economy trough a good real estate business, industrial development, foreign investment, etc.. It has also been called 'mini-USA'. Globalization has enabled the UAE to have cheap capital and labor from anywhere in the world. As expected, there are also great risks of globalization in the UAE. The most common concern is the erosion of culture and tradition. Globalization has brought in other cultures and traditions,
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