Negative Views On Marriage

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Marriage, we all have different viewpoints on this topic. Traditionally marriage has been the main purpose of constructing a family. Some dream about one day having the best wedding. Others simply just don’t care at all about it. There are different reasons why people get married. Some are in love I assume, others get married for interests. Does marriage hurt or help men and women in today’s society. Should marriage even be encouraged, or should it be discouraged.
We view it much more differently than we did some years ago. Marriage used to be a man and a woman now people have the freedom of getting married to whoever they want, man with man or women with women. Is marriage a good or a bad idea? Some people are happily in love with their
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What I mean by this is that it’s not your money or your house but it’s both of your guy’s belongings. If you have children the woman usually gets custody of children. There are many reasons why people end up getting divorced. These reasons range from lack of commitment to sometimes abuse in the relationship. In order to make the marriage work both have to put commitment. Too much arguing is a key factor to why a lot of marriages end. When married some couples tend to get bored of each other. What I mean by that is that they get tired of having sex with the same person over and over again which affects their relationship. This issue can then lead to someone in the relationship cheating on the…show more content…
In order to have a good marriage there is a list of things both you and your partner must do. One of the more important ones I believe is trust. In order to have a good marriage both must trust each other. Trust isn’t just given like that. You have to be trust worthy to receive trust. Ways to getting that trust is showing your spouse that you love them, never cheat on them, and always make things clear. Also in order to build trust in a marriage there needs to be honesty within the marriage. An example of a marriage where there isn’t trust is between Salvador and Lupe [Thirteen
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