Negative Thinking Reflection

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Let’s do some progress You made one step towards positivity thinking by buying this book. This book is about changing the way you approach your life, create new habits, taking away the negativity pattern and set your mind that way you want it to be set. You can be in control , you can pilot your life the way you want it to be but that requires action from you , you don’t sit back and think positive and hope that someday positivity will knock your door. This book is about alertness, is about changing your mind-set, and is about investing in your future. ‘’ A coward dies a million times, a hero dies only once ‘’ Don’t be a coward, thank you for buying this book! Hope you find what you were looking for! CHAPTER 1 - On your way towards…show more content…
Positive thinking is a mental attitude that admits into the thoughts, words and images that are conductive to growth, expansion and success of the context for which they have been used. If context is you then it is a strategy that can be used to make you feel good about yourself. Positive thinking (and the converse Negative thinking) is a vetting paradigm, used to select data towards a particular end (again, conscious or not). In positive thinking, one focuses on the elements which most associate with a favourable outcome. This selection has the effect of modulating one 's emotional response to the situation, and often results in something of a "self-fulfilling prophecy," either positive or negative, sort of a feedback loop. Small (distractions) from the true meaning - An important thing to add to the meaning of positive thinking it is very effective for managing one 's emotional state, but is not good for trying to ascertain the actual facts, that might be misleading and may cause you more pain than…show more content…
- It’s good for relationships People are accepting more those who are positive and optimistic because in a way they feel more fulfilled by interacting with them and additionally positivism help people achieve better things in their personal life and work harder for their self and for their partner inside a relationship. - Numbers show that you age better The so called and controverted topic healthy aging, which deals mainly with what you eat. According to a study done at University College London, positive thinking was associated with healthy aging. - You take yourself better Positive thinkers tend to take of their self-better by trying to keep their body in a better state, taking the precautions needed for important health issues, avoiding STD’s and STI’s and exercise. - Increase in Pain tolerance Pessimists would have a higher pain tolerance because they are more likely to accept

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