Negative Social Media

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Social media made our world small and connected, the world became like a small village, news become travels now faster and overseas. Social media provided the world with many advantage, but it also has many disadvantage more than advantages especially to children and teenagers now time. “According to research carried out by the US non- profit Family Online Safety Institute, the use of social media is the only form of online activity where parents believe its dangers outweigh its benefits” (Examiner). Most children access the internet and uses social media from a young age, they experiences a lot of things that they not supposed to learn at that age, Dr Richard Woolfson, a child psychologist at Knowthenet points out that “The internet offers…show more content…
Teens now days become addicted to their smartphones, 90 percent of those children uses check their social media accounts at least once a day, some of them report that they wish if they could live or go back in (3) a time where Facebook wasn’t exist (10). Parents on the other hand, are worried of the huge impact that social media had on their children, and they are afraid that it might affect their life socially and emotionally. Social media has a big role in children behaviors change these days, children became more violence and aggressive since social networking site showed up. Teens who uses Facebook frequently address that they feel worse about themselves and their lives (10). Those feeling that children feel when they see what other people have brings hateful and suicidal thoughts to them. The usage of social media made children feel unsatisfied about their lives (8). Young people how has a busy life and do not spend more time on social media sites have a normal life. In addition, Social media had developed a new level of bullying “cyberbullying”, which is much worse than physical
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