Negative Reinforcement

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Part A
1. My dog learned to stay in our yard and not run out in the road through the process of negative reinforcement. We had an electronic tool that would send out a sound that is unpleasant to dogs if he passed the perimeter of the restricted area. Upon returning within the perimeter of the yard, the noise stops. Because the noise being removed increased my dog’s behavior of remaining within our yard, this behavior was learned through negative reinforcement.
2. I learned how to properly study for math courses in my pre-calculus class in high school through the process of intermittent reinforcement. Math classes had always come fairly easily for me, and I thought I was able to retain necessary information just by attending class and
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Reinforcers help in situations in which the intention is to increase behavior, and punishers are helpful in situations in which one wants to decrease a certain behavior. I made sure to tell her that in order to use applied behavior analysis, the behavior you intend to change must be something you can measure. Her reaction to this information was that she might try to use the concept of applied behavior analysis to reduce her soda intake. She said she drinks about two glasses of soda a day and would like to reduce this to two glasses a week and that she would try to think of a punisher that would help her change in…show more content…
Right now, I drink approximately one bottle of water today. My goal is to double my daily water intake and drink about two standard-sized bottles of water each day.
3. In order for me to increase this behavior, I am choosing watching television as a reinforcer. I do not allow myself to watch much television throughout the week, so I think this reinforcer will significantly aid me in my water drinking endeavor. Watching television will act as a positive reinforcer since I view watching television as the addition of something good and enjoyable, and it will hopefully help me to increase my behavior of water drinking.
Day 1
The first day of my attempt to increase my water intake to two bottles a day was very difficult for me because I don’t typically drink very much. I ended up drinking a little more than my normal amount of one bottle a day, but I never reached the two bottle mark. Because I didn’t’ reach this goal, I did not allow myself to watch television in order to avoid reinforcing a behavior other than the one I have intended.
Day 2
This day was slightly easier for me as I felt more motivated to accomplish my goal of drinking two bottles of water. Because of my increased motivation I was able to reach my target of two bottles, and as a result, I allowed myself some time to watch
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