Negative Political Adverts

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The first argument paper was, “What’s so positive about negative adverting?” by Anne Johnston. She begins her argument by stating, what role that political advertising has in our society and why it is negative. Political advertising was created for many different purposes. These ads can help rally votes for candidates while creating passion for the candidates at the same time. These advertisements help the candidates speak to voters in a way that is not effected by news channels and away from filters. This keeps them anyway from negative coverage that may be received in the media. Stating their vision and message is much easier through an advertisement. However, with political advertising comes negative political advertising. Negative advertising…show more content…
Tims called, “Why negative political advertising is bad advertising.” Tims begins discussing how political advertising spending has skyrocketed especially towards negative advertising. Candidates think this negative advertising is very helpful for their campaigns. However, does this negative advertising help that much or is it causing people to look negatively at a specific candidate for spending this much money and even causing a possible backlash towards the candidate. PAC has a huge part in negative advertising and candidates do try and distance themselves from this committee but, they can’t distance too far away because the ads may get way out of hand. Negative advertising may gain more media coverage it does not always mean it is good for anyone in the end. It is believed that these negative advertisements cause controversy that shifts medias agenda from the real issues to these attacks that are not the real issue in America. People experience all ads in a different way to an extent that may discourage people from voting. These negative advertisements create feelings that affect how people view our leaders and political institutions with their
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