Negative Influence of Video Games on Society Today

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Nowadays, video games have a very big influence in the current young generations. Last year, more than six billion pounds of video games and consoles were sold; it would have the same impact as taking 20,131 cars off the road for a year. This, plus the fact that there are more video games than the total number of people in the world, can give us an idea of how big is this industry becoming. It must be a concern of every single parent to control the access of their children to play video games. They are unhealthy and a negative influence. First, the effects of video games to health are a bigger problem than what anyone could imagine. It is estimated that one-third of Americans are obese, and that, in children, is directly linked to the the inactivity levels of being seated playing video games. But this is not the only health-related problem with video games. Experts have studied that these are one of the main causes of aggressive behavior in minors, poor grades in school, sleep deprivation, attention problems, seizures, muscle pain, and even changes in physical appearance. The worst part of all this is that parents start to see this results when their kids are already having problems to sleep, are getting fat, used to play almost every day, and at this point it is almost impossible to make their children stop playing. Just think about how painful must be to see a father and son relationship being destroyed by the results of playing video games; it must be horrible. Then, economically speaking, why are games still being sold even though they are so unhealthy? The answer is easy, because the industry makes so much money out of them that they could rebuilt a new Rome and the most important places o... ... middle of paper ... ...deo games in the United States in the year 2008 contained violence; Dead Space and Call of Duty Modern Warfare are present in this list and they are a perfect example of how violent games are being more and more popular among young players. Because of all the arguments explored above, I believe that video games and their results should be taken more seriously. They are a negative influence for the younger generations, and very unhealthy. Of course, not all the results of video games are so bad, they have been proved to improve eyesight, and the brain analysis process in shorter periods of time; some games even require more brain analysis than a chess game, but everything must be controlled because these are not the cases of every single game. People need to create a better atmosphere for their children so the world can be a better place in the future.
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