Negative Impact of Social Networks

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The Internet and social networks have become a great source to the world and everyday life. However there are many negative aspects of using the Internet. Social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google are very popular and a lot of individuals use these sites to socialize with others. When using these sites researchers say “they increase cyber crimes and bullying throughout various communities”. However many may feel as if the dangers of online networks are exaggerated. Social networks are dangerous for teens and adults because of health issues, job opportunities, and legal issues.
Dangers of Online social sites
Individuals all over the world may feel as if dangers of online social networks are exaggerated. “ Conflicting statistics display that accurate numbers of teens getting exposed to or that is affected by social risk don’t exist”. “Ed Roman Espejo of the Detroit Green Press expressed that, “ Fears of online crimes, sexual predators, cyber bullying and sexting of the internet is overblown”. “Young adult users who face these issues are unreliable and inaccurate; the risks of online dangers faced by teens and adults are similarly to offline issues. Although many people may feel as if the risk of social networks won’t affect them, it can if not responsible and smart.

Research Studies
As the technology era elaborates social Internet has changed and increases have risen based upon the lack of improvement. Research studies precisely shows a slow increase in sexual predation or cyber crimes the past 2 years, as a result of Internet use among young teens and adults. A professor by the name of Sameer Hinduja at Florida Atlantic who studies Criminal law suggests, “ About 20% of youth have been either ...

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