Negative Impact Of Outsourcing

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1030 words

For my topic I chose outsourcing. Outsourcing has positive and negative impacts on the global business world. When thinking about outsourcing there are quite a few aspects that have many sides. Outsourcing has been known all over the world. In reviewing outsourcing you must take into consideration every single detail that is involved into making outsourcing what it has become today. As you continue to read this paper you will learn how outsourcing has changed lives for better and for worse. Outsourcing has been a topic that has also made some quite skeptical. The question you might be wondering to answer is why outsourcing? We can start off with the positive aspects of outsourcing. In viewing outsourcing usually what comes to mind is to control …show more content…

One of the first initial negative impacts is the possible loss of control that a CEO can have over its company when it comes to the processes of business. Next, is any problems that can arise related to the time involved to make a change or the problems in the quality provided. Following, is the responses one might be a problem in the expectations versus the reality of the performance. With outsourcing the people being outsourced come to the realization of what they actually get with benefits and results since it ends up being much lower than what they were promised. Outsourcing brings a major challenger when the lingual accent is lacking meaning if one person only speaks spanish a translator must be needed to help with the communication needed. Another aspect involved is how one customer or client can become enraged because they weren't satisfied with the job done and works for the union and can have everyone involved as a …show more content…

For instance, issues can arise in the maintenance and engineering departments. Simply because people in those departments are worrying more and more each day that they will be losing their jobs to someone else. Next, a big controversial issue is how people happen to lie on their applications that they know how to do a certain job and when they're called on to perform said job they have no idea what they're doing causing business's more money. In most states restrictions are being considered taken regarding outsourcing due to the negative aspects becoming much higher than the positive

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that outsourcing has positive and negative impacts on the global business world. outsourcing has changed lives for better and for worse.
  • Explains the positive aspects of outsourcing, such as the ability to control capital costs, efficiency, and efficiency.
  • Describes the negative impacts of outsourcing, such as the loss of control a ceo can have over the company's processes, the time involved to make changes, and the response to performance problems.
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