Negative Impact Of Mickey Mouse

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In 1928, Walt disney created one of the most known icons in cartoons, Mickey mouse. As a popular cartoon character, Mickey Mouse debuted in many shows, movies, and video games. Mickey Mouse has taught the audience to always look on the bright side of things, how to solve problems, amd and listen to the rules or end up facing consequences in his movies, shows, and video games.
Mickey mouse or his friends sometimes end up in bad situations, but he always manage to find good in those situations, and he demonstrates this lesson to the viewers. For example, in the christmas movie Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmas, Minnie tries to buy a nice case for Mickey, but she fails to make enough money and she sells her watch. On the other hand, Mickey already
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For example, in one of the christmas movies, he wanted to buy a chain for Minnie’s watch; however, he gets fired from his job because he sold a christmas tree at a cheaper price for a poor family. Then, he strolls around the city playing his harmonica, and then eventually he comes up with the idea of selling his harmonica to the jewelry dealer to get the chain for Minnie. Mickey also shows this lesson in his show Mickey Mouse Club House. In one of the episodes Mickey and Donald have to go save Santa Claus, but they struggled to pass through the snowy hill because of the snow. To solve this issue Mickey calls toodles, and within a few moments Mickey and Donald receive skis to go through the snowy hill. In Kingdom Hearts Re:coded, Mickey and his friends create a data simulation with notes from a journal about their past adventures, but they get stuck in the data simulation. While stuck in the data simulation, bugs began to appear and they block Mickey and his friends way back home. With Data Sora’s help, Mickey and his friend defeat all the bugs in the journal, and they find a way back home.
In his movies, Mickey mouse demonstrates to his audience to follow the rules and higher authority. For example, in the film Fantasia, Mickey is told to finish his chores while the sorcerer is gone, but instead he muddles
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