Negative Essay: Why Are Facebook Becomes Dangerous?

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“Facebook becomes dangerous” How much is too much information when it comes to sharing on Facebook? Many people have at least one Facebook account. Adults use Facebook to keep in touch with their high school friends, co- workers or with others involved in their lives. Teenagers use Facebook to connect with their friends and post documentation of their life by posting pictures and statuses. Facebook is the most popular social media site for people in all ages, but many of them don’t realize what danger Facebook can bring. That could be robbery, identity theft, Facebook addiction, or even kidnapping. If we want to make an easy target of ourselves for thieves, the simplest way to do so is to share our location information on the Facebook board.…show more content…
Spending more and more time with Facebook can lead to the next danger that Facebook brings- an “addiction”. It is a fact that the more an individual uses Facebook, the more likely he is going to suffer from mental health issues. Someone will ask: “What is wrong with using Facebook frequently? It is only one of the forms of entertainment!” There is nothing wrong; however we have to be careful, because this form of entertainment can easily interfere in our everyday life and become highly dangerous and could lead to addiction.
The first sign of “Facebook addiction” is checking Facebook whenever possible. This means fulfilling the free time on checking news, feeds, and comments. It’s choosing Facebook instead of different, more constructive activity. People with that kind of behavior are often distracted and find it hard to be fully present at the moments in real life. Moreover, they take significantly more time to complete simple tasks and they are constantly diverted to some Facebook notifications and
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Apart from the fact that Facebook gives an opportunity for using many addictive games such as Gourmet Ranch, Dessert Shop, Farmville, and Chefville; many Facebook users sacrifice their sleep hours for surfing on that social network to satisfy the Facebook cravings. Consequently, the lack of sleep affects their performance at work, school, and home. Continuing that kind of behavior eventually will lead to so called “Facebook addiction”. Facebook addiction often occurs because some users are constantly pleased with that the social media site has to offer them. Checking the site can become a compulsion for some users. For these people being off of Facebook causes them anxiety in their lives. The addiction many people feel to Facebook became so frequent in today’s society that Facebook Addiction Disorder is recognized by psychologists throughout the United
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