Negative Essay: What Is Peer Pressure?

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All of us have peer groups or friends that we always get along and hang out with. However, at some point of our lives, we tried and did crazy stuffs that we regret because you, yourself, know at that point it is wrong but still did it because of peer pressure. Then what is peer pressure? Peer pressure is when a person cannot decide for oneself and just depend of what their friends’ decision is. It is being very dependent on your friends that a simple decision can be hard to decide if alone. For example is when attending a class, but your friends told you that they will not attend, surely the student being “pressured” will also not attend the class. Peer pressure is very common with teenagers now a days, being with group of friends for teenagers make them feel belong. Belongingness that they seek, to feel good about themselves and also to cope up with the trend that the society is feeding them. Being “cool” is what the teenagers want to be, they want to be famous to be idolize by their fellow teenagers. In that state of mentality, they do all odds to be famous or to be cool they try different things to stay cool. Others also try to fit in with their peer groups so that they are influenced to do things that they do not want to do to be belong to the group. Also if a teenager is rejected it can lead to hurting…show more content…
Like joining clubs or organizations in school to keep them away from peers that influences them to do vices. Also there are peer groups that are likely to influence a teenager to do good things like studying. If a teenager is influenced once it will go continuously it will not end if the teenager does not change peers or if all of the group decided to stop their wrong doings. In a peer group there is an influencer that tells which negative things should they do next and if one refuses that particular teenager will be out of the group or forced to it to still be

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