Negative Essay: Social Media Is Harmful For Society

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One misunderstood tweet can lead to hundreds of people hating you. A message you wanted people to hear could be misinterpreted and make your own internet friends turn on you. Strangers want to hurt you just because you won't change the way you are. Yes, social media can be beneficial in ways; however, the internet can change the way you perceive yourself and others and sometimes not in a positive way. Social media is harmful for our society for multiple reasons. For example, how it can be a place where an unknown person can communicate with you, cyberbullying, and the fact that using social networks too much affects the social skills of the user, and how the user interacts with others. Social sites including Facebook, instagram, twitter,…show more content…
It is easy for predators to access your information. The amount of cyber bullying going around social media is triggering anxiety and depression in the youth. Social media affects the way you communicate and the way you express yourself. The constant indirect communication between teenagers causes the development of social skills to mess up a bit. Is it worth it to scroll through Instagram or Facebook and see people your age pretend to be something they are not? Or to compare yourself to someone else's lifestyle, and you have never even met this person. Social media is not the worst thing ever to be created. People are aware of all of the benefits of the internet. Including the people that aren't so into it, but when it comes to the point where you are constantly checking your phone just scrolling through all of your social networks, without even knowing what is going on. The point where you feel the need to pull out your phone when you "have nothing to do". Young people should be encouraged by their parents to take a tolerance break off of your phone's and do something that you enjoy. Try putting the phone down and take some time to be aware of your
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