Negative Essay On Toddler Pageants

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Are Toddler Pageants the Root of All Your Child’s Issues? We’ve all seen, or at least heard of, the television show Toddlers and Tiaras. The combination of crown thirsty parents, and their spoiled rotten kids, create the perfect, addictive show for the bored house wife. While some people find this highly entertaining, I see it as a televised, sparkly circus with the parents acting as the ring leaders. They spend anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars to doll their kids up to an extent where they don’t even look like themselves, just to please a panel of random strangers. Because of the large chunk of change invested into these outfits and accessories, the children’s parents stress how important it is for them to win to make it all…show more content…
My friend is very competitive, she has always been, but I never stopped to realize that it was because of the pageants she did when she was a kid. Her mom had always told her how important it was for her to win every pageant she ever performed in. She was put up against any friend she ever made, needless to say her friendships didn’t last long. Come to think of it, that’s probably why I’ve been able to stay friends with her for so long because we’ve never had to face off in a beauty contest. Even after she stopped doing pageants though, she wasn’t really able grasp and hold on to any type of relationship. She was constantly competing with everyone she ever met. It was quite sad really; She didn’t think she was doing anything wrong because that’s what she’d been taught her whole childhood. I tried to redirect her intentions to a more positive approach but that lasted for about a day. I’ve seen her go through countless friendships, and even more boyfriends, but to this day the best relationships she has are with me and her
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