Negative Essay On Teen Pregnancy

Teen pregnancy is an ongoing problem in the United States for many decades. In 2014, 249,078 babies were born to women ages 15-19. This was a 9% drop from the year prior but the United States teen pregnancy rate is significantly higher than other western nations (CDC). While the rate for the country has dropped, not all states have had the same outcome. In 2011, ninety girls at Frasyer High School in Memphis, Tennessee became pregnant. A sixteen year old mother and student at Frayser said “It’s a shame that all these girls at Frayser are pregnant, but ain’t nothing new they need to a class where they teach girls before they get pregnant to use protection” (Sheen, 2014, p. 25). It is a shame that a sixteen-year-old girl looks as if teen pregnancy…show more content…
27). How did all those girls get pregnant? Where is the parents? Do they know about using protection? People may say these questions after seeing all those girls pregnant at Frayser High School. When a teen have a baby at a young age their future will be different from others. Most teens will quit school and end up with some low paying job to support their new family. Since a teen do not have money sometimes the teen will have to use government assistance to support the baby and their self. Something need to change to help prevent teen pregnancy in the United States. To reduce teen pregnancy it should be a more effective comprehensive sex education class in all schools, access to contraceptives, and more programs to help teen…show more content…
There should not be ninety female students pregnant at a high school all at one time. That is why it is important that high schools have a clinic, so teens have access to contraceptive. Teen having access to contraceptive can help reduce teen pregnancy. Teen mothers need more programs to help them not repeat a pregnancy. Teens need to have mentors and counselors to help encourage them to reach their goals even though they made a mistake by having a baby as a teen. The government need to step in more and help reduce teen pregnancy in every

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