Negative Essay On Technology: The Importance Of Technology

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The question “What is technology?” has been frequently asked by people all over the world. Technology is a structure of knowledge that is used to create various gadgets and tools. Over the past few decades, advancement of technology has made our lives more convenient in several ways. Today, technology is without a doubt an essential part of our daily lives.Technology has granted us the ability to acquire immediate information and data. It has also brought us many benefits. However, human’s excessive dependence on technology has tremendously affected our lives in negative ways. Advanced technology has raised a society that lacks creativity, and the ability to communicate. Creativity is an intellectual characteristic, which permits us to…show more content…
Even though these devices help us send and receive information in a short period of time, some of us have lost the ability to communicate without these devices. Nowadays, it is very rare to see individuals communicating face-to-face without the presence of electronic devices. When we communicate face-to-face, it is easier to express our feelings and thoughts. Several life lessons will also be picked up.Thus, a close bond will be developed between the communicators. Technology such as smart phones and electronic devices, was first invented to make our lives more convenient and as an ulterior distraction to overcome our boredom. But now, these devices have become a necessity to most of us. For example, relatives at a family gathering do not communicate face-to-face anymore. Instead, each individual has their eyes stuck to an electronic device and is busy with their lives in the virtual world. This unhealthy lifestyle will bring many regrets to us in the future, when we realize that it is already too late to bond with our family and…show more content…
It has made negative impacts on our communication skills. Firstly, technology has caused social isolation and lack of social skills to many people. For instance, most of us chat with friends only through online networks, this will hinder with our social skills because we will prefer to use our smart phones when we are with a group of people. Furthermore, severe cyberbullying has increased. With the advancement of technology, the bullies are able to torment their victims in the comfort of their own homes. This leads to a rise of depression because the victims will feel too afraid to consult their parents or the schools’ counselors to seek help, as they lack self-confidence and communicating skills. Moreover, modern technology such as television, computers and smart phones, are constantly advertising extremely violent movies or games. Most viewers tend to follow the things they see from these games or movies. As a result, our society will lack empathy, and violence will increase. On the other hand, our creativity is affected because technology has granted us the ability to search up information and facts in just a few clicks. This has made us lazy to come up with our own ideas and
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